Thursday, 28 December 2006


Hinchingbrooke Hospital in Huntingdon is a fine place; indeed two of my children were born there. Unfortunately, like many NHS Trusts, it is in a rather serious financial mess. The East of England Strategic Health Authority has been undertaking a review to see how things might be resolved, and on 19th December issued a press update which has only just been drawn to my attention. Hidden in the body of the text is the following:

"The increased financial scrutiny required by the review process and put in place through the HHCT financial strategy has highlighted further errors connected to the central return for payment by results transition. We are now able to report that the error, previously reported at £6.5million, is in the region of £11million. This is disappointing"

If someone had mislaid £11million of my money I would find it more than "disappointing" but I suppose NHS managers work by different criteria than the rest of us.

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