Sunday, 15 July 2007

More money down the drain

This appeared recently in the Northern Echo

HEALTH officials last night defended a decision to send a North-East delegation on an £84,000 mission to Japan - to find new ways of "increasing efficiency".

Families of patients denied drugs on the NHS, as well as two GPs, have criticised the trip to study Toyota's "lean management" techniques at a time when cash-strapped health authorities are trying to cut costs.

But the North-East Strategic Health Authority stood by the decision last night, insisting that the lessons learnt would save money and make the NHS more efficient.

Last month's visit cost £84,000 to fly a 14-strong team to Japan. Officials said the cash came from "central training funds".

If they want to be efficient, why sent fourteen?
Efficiency is sending one with a notepad and pencil

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Dr Ray said...

I thought the Toyota factory was in Teeside. Don't they use "lean management" there?