Tuesday, 16 October 2007

Tip of the iceberg

The story about Clostridium difficile from Kent is pretty horrific, but it now emerges that there are TWENTY hospitals with a higher infection rate than Maidstone.

This suggests to me that there is some more generalized problem; the details of infection rate are available from www.hpa.org.uk


barry monk said...

Not sure why the link doesn't work - the web address is correct, and the info is all there if you enter the site

Dr Ray said...

Hereford has the honour of being second to worst on this list but in fact the data is incorrect for Hereford. This is from the press release Hereford Hospital issued:
"The Health Protection Agency figures, quoted over the weekend, refer to all cases of CDiff that have been identified in the community we serve, and tested in the Hereford County Hospital laboratory. The figures, 5.2 per 1000 bed days, do not accurately reflect the number of CDiff cases in the hospital itself, which are infact much lower at 2.6 cases per 1000 bed days in the over 65 age group.
2.6 is about average. These agencies really need to check their figures before releasing them to the public (unless there is a secret campaign to damage the reputation of DGHs-heaven forbid!)

Dr Ray said...

The link doesn't work because the url on the link is: http://vote4barry.blogspot.com/www.hpa.org.uk
You need to chop the first bit off. Blogger did this to me too at the w/e