Wednesday, 28 November 2007


I haven't updated the website for a few days, not because there is no news (there is plenty), but simply because I have been very busy.

Rest assured that I'll keep you all informed.

Meanwhile thanks to Riseley Cricket Club for having me as their guest speaker last Thursday. It was amost enjoyable evening.

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Aphra Behn said...

Hi Dr Monk

I'm forwarding an email I received today from Mums 4 Medics:

>> Hi Aphra

>> I hope all is very well with you.

>> Take a look at Remedy's home page and you'll find an interesting story ... I'm on the Remedy committee now and have told
>> Chris that I'll alert all the medical bloggers to this one - but have no idea how to find their email addresses. So you're the first
>> - and can you help?

>> Ta ever so

You may well know this already of course, but I thought I'd help out Mums 4 Medics with reaching the medical blogosphere. It would be kind if you could pass this on to anyone who might be able to blog or otherwise help.

Kind regards

Aphra Behn