Wednesday, 19 March 2008

Banana republic

Concerns about our voting system, and in particular the possibility of fraudulent use of postal votes has led to this country being likened to a banana republic.

So Communities minister, Hazel Blears, was faced with big dilemma when she appeared on BBC2’s Daily Politics this morning. How could the government go on resisting the individual voter registration in view of this week’s report from the Electoral Commission saying that “safeguards introduced to combat electoral fraud “are easily bypassed” because of weaknesses in the system?

The head of standards, Sir Christopher Kelly, said that the current arrangement of one registration per household “could not stop bogus names being registered and used as fraudulent postal votes.

The Blears response, when pressed on the programme, was that such a change could lead to fewer people voting and she implicitly suggested that this was worse then the possibility of fraud.

In other words, Labour feel that their only chance of winning is by allowing widespread cheating. So now we know.

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