Wednesday, 14 May 2008

This is the NHS in 2008

ThIs piece was written by a hospital consultant (not at Bedford, and not about Bedford): it describes the shameful state of the NHS today.

My Uncle, 87 years old, previously completely with it, RAF retired, veteran of the Battle of Britain, The Western Desert and The Italian Campaign has a Squamous Cell Carcinoma of the scalp for which he has received excellent treatment. Unfortunately, he fell recently whilst attempting to find a seat on a bus, he was rendered unconscious and taken to his local hospital. A CT scan revealed a large subdural haematoma, treatment for which was apparently "not indicated". In spite of this he recovered consciousness. Within a week, OT even decided that he was fit to go home to his flat, which has 17 steps to the front door, he was expected to manage these with a Zimmer frame. My Mother (his sister) thought differently and arranged convalescence for him in a local nursing home (at her own expense) following consultation with his GP. Despite this, his discharge was arranged (without consultation with his family or GP, my Mother lives less than 1 hour away) hospital transport delivered him to his flat......and left him there. He was found the following morning by a "carer", who could see him through the letterbox, lying in the hallway in his own excrement. An ambulance was called, the door broken down, and he was taken back to the local DGH. He is now in the Nursing Home, thankfully. I have just had to try and explain to my Mum why this has happened, including the message to her that there was an awful mess in the flat that SHE would have to clean up (she has and it WAS awful!) This has happened in the last 48 hours and I am spitting nails. Have tried to contact the medical team and CE this evening, strange as it may seem no one can help. Thanks Gordon.

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