Thursday, 5 June 2008

And these are our masters!

What sort of democracy do we have when politicians behave like this?

A Labour MP has been cautioned for causing criminal damage to a van as he dashed to board a bus.

Rob Marris, the MP for Wolverhampton South West, caused £350 damage when he climbed over the bonnet of the parked white van.

Initially he denied the offence, but admitted his guilt to police before he was due to appear at Coventry magistrates' court. The 53-year-old, a trained solicitor and son of a magistrate, accepted a conditional caution, which does not count as a criminal conviction.

Mr Marris has also been ordered to write a letter of apology to the van's owner, and to pay for repairs to the vehicle's bon


julie said...

Hi Barry,

have a look at this website 'Branson Pickle' and the section on Virgin Healthcare.

John Spencer said...

Dear Bloggers

My name is John Spencer and I am the whistle-blower who lost his job with Virgin Healthcare having raised issues about their ethical behaviour.

If you visit you will see evidence of how Virgin plan to undermine, bully and coerce GPs into agreeing with their plans.

Interestingly the Guardian Newspaper initially said that the evidence that I provided them would create 'a front page story -unless Gordon Brown dies' then after Will Whitehorn (the most powerful employee at Virgin told me that he didn't believe that The Guardian would ever print the article - they didn't!)

Luckily I have Mr Whitehorn on tape - he seems very stressed by this.

Richard Taylor (Independent MP for Wyre and himself a GP) asked in the House of Commons on 17th June for a meeting with Alan Johnson at the DoH to discuss my 'alarming' concerns.

Mr Johnson has been aware of these concerns since April 9th when they were forwarded to him by Clare Short MP and (despite the DoH policy to reply to such concerns within a 20 day maximum) he still has not replied.

In fact Mr Johnson has now delegated the task to reply to Ben Bradshaw, who delegated it to a guy called Philip Walker who delegated it to the Swindon PCT (who themselves have colluded with Virgin by handing them confidentiaal documents about outsourcing £8million of work.)

Do you think there is a little panic at the DoH, especially as Alan Johnson has lied to the House of Commons by reassuring them that private firms can be trusted not to undermine the NHS whilst he kow they clearly could not be trusted?

I have all the documents, tape recordings etc to prove this - that is why no injunction has been bought against my web site.

If you would like to support and encourage Mr Taylors questioning of the DoH you can email him on

Thanks John Spencer

Anonymous said...

I had a look at this web site. It's just bizarre if it's true.

You shaould download the voice clips he has of virgins lawyers -

He's either nuts or he's onto something incredible