Tuesday, 23 February 2010

and in London...

Dr Anwara Ali, a Labour councillor in Tower Hamlets and the face of the NHS's East End campaign on breast cancer (see below), has switched to the Tories.

Dr Ali, who is the borough's lead Cabinet member on health, told the Evening Standard today:

“I have been a lifelong Labour supporter, but I believe the country cannot afford five more years of Gordon Brown.

“As a GP working on the frontline in the largest practice in the East End, I have become increasingly disillusioned with Labour’s failure to reform the NHS. The past decade has seen this government waste millions of pounds on bureaucracy in hospitals.”

“Gordon Brown’s obsession with top down targets and a tick box culture has ruined the moral and goodwill of the national health staff. Ill health and early death in the East End is a direct result of Labour’s failure to bring real reform to the NHS.”

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