Thursday, 29 March 2007

How to waste £6.5million

The government waste's so much money that it's hard to get too fussed about the odd £6.5million per year; but don't forget it's not their money it's our money.

Yesterday MPs voted themselves an extra £10,000 per annum (each) as "communications allowance". This is on top of the £150,000 a year they are already allowed in expenses (and much of it not requiring a receipt).

Why do they need it? They can appear on local radio (free) when ever they want to, they can write to the local newspapers (pretty well certain to have their letter published) , and they can set up a web site such as this. They already get unlimited free postage and stationery, and free usage of the telephone. So what on earth do they need another £6.5 million for?

This is a pre-election promise: when I am elected I will not be claiming this money.

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