Friday, 27 April 2007

A hospital near you?

From this week's Shropshire Star newspaper:

Shropshire doctors were urged to send patients 70 miles to Aberystwyth because the county’s main hospital was full, it was revealed today.
The Royal Shrewsbury reached its highest state of alert this week as it struggled to cope with a huge rise in emergency cases, mainly involving the elderly.
Calls had to be made to hospitals outside Shropshire to see if they could help.
This happened despite the hospital opening extra beds - with more being made available at Telford’s Princess Royal.
The Royal Shrewsbury was operating at what is known as Escalation Level 4, the highest state of alert, when it is under enormous pressure and beds are not available.
Some medical beds were available at Bronglais Hospital in Aberystwyth and were being offered to Shropshire GPs, particularly those with practices near the Welsh border.

One was offered to Dr Paul Mott of the Belvidere Medical Practice, Shrewsbury, when he tried to refer a patient to the Royal Shrewsbury.
But it was not possible to take up the offer because of the patient’s special care needs.
Dr Mott said today: “There is constant pressure on all hospitals, not just the Royal Shrewsbury. Next week it could be another one facing the same problem.”
He said that across the country there had been a cutback in bed numbers.

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