Wednesday, 18 April 2007

Save Bedford Hospital

One of the things that motivated me to form the Save Bedford Hospital party was the way in which none of the main parties seemed to be facing up to the very serious problems that the NHS is facing, and the huge damage which is being wreaked by Patricia Hewitt and her cronies.

Once again it was left to a rather obscure politician from a minor party from Northern Ireland to ask this pertinent question in the House of Commons today:

Dr. Alasdair McDonnell (Belfast, South) (SDLP): Is the Prime Minister aware of the major disruption that will occur in NHS hospitals in Northern Ireland and in parts of Britain, too, on 1 August next, following the introduction of the hospital doctor training programme known as modernising medical careers? Will he advise the Secretary of State for Health to postpone the programme for a year until the administrative problems are sorted out?

The Prime Minister: Yes, we are aware of those problems

For Tony Blair to actually admit that there is a problem, things must be pretty bad.

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