Wednesday, 16 May 2007

It's not our fault

This is a report of Prime minister's Questions today; John Prescott was standing in for Mr Blair.

Mr Hague said Mr Prescott would be "missed" by the Tories and "wished him well in his retirement" after 37 yeas in the Commons. He asked if the government would apologise for mistakes made over the computer system for junior doctors' jobs.
Mr Prescott said he was not leaving the Commons and said it was nice to hear he would be missed. He said he would not be "whingeing on the backbenches" when he retired from the frontbench "as I hear some of my colleagues doing from time to time".
Mr Prescott hailed Labour's record on employment and help for pensioners, compared with the previous Tory government, adding "can I say I am the longest serving deputy prime minister" and had seen off five Tory counterparts.
Mr Hague said his question had been about junior doctors. He asked who was responsible in government for the "fiasco" of the online recruitment system.
After a pause, Mr Prescott said: "Tories".

So that's reassuring - it's nothing to do with Mrs Hewitt.

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