Friday, 11 May 2007

Where's Wally? (part two)

On a recent post (subsequently featured by a local newspaper) I mentioned the disappearance of the Chief Executive of the East of England Strategic Health Authority, Neil McKay.

Now, even more alarmingly, the whole of the SHA (the organization which funds and overseas the whole of the NHS in the East of England) seems to be in hiding.

The SHA has public board meetings (which I imagine very few of the public actually attend) and publishes on its website the agenda and papers for these meetings; these papers are a gold mine of information, particularly in relation to how badly the SHA is missing its targets on Choose and Book, and how it is doing conjuring tricks with the money. It is, after all, public information, and our money.

But now they have gone all bashful. The next public meeting of the board is on 17th May, but there is still (despite two reminders from me) no agenda, no papers, and no minutes of the last meeting in March.

What have they got to hide?


barry monk said...

They finally appeared today. Such is the power of this blog.

Anonymous said...

I telephoned this wonderful organisation a few week ago re lack of resources for Bedford Hospital. I suggested I might come to the next meeting and raise the issue. I was told that although members of the public were let in, they could not participate, and I could not submit an issue to be discussed because the agendas were set months in advance. I was referred to Bedfordshire PCT. I think it is a case of pass the parcel.