Friday, 3 August 2007

Getting ready

Just finished the first draft of the campaign leaflet, in case there is an early election.

We're ready when you are, Patrick Hall


barry monk said...

There will be slightly less regular postings in August, as so many people are away

Anonymous said...

slightly less postings..and it would appear, slightly less of my patients (I am a GP in Hitchin) being seen by hospital.

Two weeks ago, I wrote to CEO, asking why a lady age 83, had been sent an appointment for a heart pacemaker follow up for July 30. The letter was printed 23rd, posted 26th.

At the foot of the letter, was a comment, "if you do not attend appointment, we will assume you do not wish to be seen. If you miss your appointment, your GP will have to refer you again"

Certainly, GPs are being told to reduce referrals all the time, but this method of culling waiting lists in outpatients is a surprise.

Two weeks later, no reply from CEO of hospital, so all MPs now have the details.


barry monk said...

Sorry for the lack of updates; I am on holiday.

Back to normal after Tuesday.