Friday, 4 January 2008

With thanks to Richard Taylor MP

Richard Taylor is the independent MP for Wyre Forest, who won his seat campaigning against closure of his local hospital (like our campaign in Bedford).

This little gem comes from his website:


Whatever Mr. Brown says !!!

'Border Restrictions' on Health Care Treatment will be scrapped, under radical new laws being drawn-up in Brussels .. .. whatever our "Two Chancellors" government wants !

Britons will be able to travel ANYWHERE in Europe to access ANY treatment - from dental work to open-heart surgery; paying only for travel, accommodation and any top-up charges if their work is more expensive than that back home.

So there are hospitals in 27 different countries to chose from.

And if we travel abroad and enjoy our convalescence in warmer climes - and take our funding with us - what will that do for the calculations of our hospital 'managers' - who will be staring at empty wards ! empty coffers !! but full staff canteens !!!

Last year's court case, where pensioner Yvonne Watts won her right (and ours) to have her hip operation in France seeing that she was experiencing an 'undue delay' in this country, is the final piece of the jig-saw falling into place on this issue.
Over the past 5 years, some 3,000 patients have exercised this 'right' without having to resort to law.

It may not help 'ex-pats' living abroad; being designed for people making explicit trips in order to obtain health-care.


Anonymous said...

By the way, the Yvonne Watts who he mentions comes from Bedford, and her case was against the Bedford PCT

Daniel Shaw said...

hopefully more UK people seeking dental treatment abroad will use the website for their low-cost veneers, crowns and implants which the NHS fail to provide...