Tuesday, 9 January 2007

What was he about to say?

Bedford Hospital was mentioned once again in the House of Commons today in questions to the health minister, Andy Burnham.

What is most interesting is what he nearly said: I quote verbatim from Hansard

Andy Burnham: I pay tribute to my hon. Friend because he has supported and encouraged his NHS to make the kind of progress that he has described. The NHS in his constituency is making progress towards the 18-week target, as is the NHS in other constituencies throughout the country. Instead of celebrating the hard work of managers and staff in his area to make such improvements, Conservative Members simply decry their efforts and demoralise staff by making exaggerated claims of the difficulties. We hear talk of a save Bedford—

Mr. Speaker: Order.

What was he about to say about my campaign before the speaker cut him short?

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barry monk said...

You can find the full text of the session in the online version of Hansard. Well done to Alistair Burt for his questioning.

Once again the minister seems to be denying that there any financial problems