Sunday, 21 January 2007

What's all the fuss about?

The news is full of stories of funny goings on in high places, in relation to funding of political parties. Were honours sold in exchange for party funding? No doubt we will find out in due course, but the question remains as to why political parties think that they need so much money.

Save Bedford Hospital has been run with minimal financial input. It costs £150 to register a party with the Electoral Commission, nothing to set up a web site, and nothing to e-mail out our press releases. When an election comes we will have to pay for printing leaflets and posters and to hire a few halls for public meetings,and we will need £500 as a refundable deposit; that should cover things adequately.

So, to repeat myself, why do parties think they need huge sums of money from wealthy donors, and do they really think that these people give away their money with no strings attached?

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barry monk said...

No, I am not an insomniac, there is somethn wrong with the time clock on this web!

This was posted at 1.40p.m not at 5 a.m. and similarly the other times. The dates, however are correct.

If anyone knows how to change the time, please let me know