Friday, 9 February 2007

How to fudge a waiting list : method one

GPs in Bedford have been told by the local Primary Care Trust not to refer any cases to the orthopoedic department at Bedford Hospital (or anywhere else) until the new financial year. As one GP said to me yesterday, I just have to tell patients to come back in April and I'll try again. Of course these patients have not yet got on to a waiting list, so the government can perpetuate the lie that they have reduced waiting. These patients are now queueing to get on a waiting list.

Keep logging on and I will reveal some of the other tricks being used.


barry monk said...

Please let me know of any similar tricks elsewhere

sarah said...

A patient was referred needing a specific clinic where specific testing could be performed. Somehow, somewhere in the arcane and bizarre referral system, the referral was mislaid. A management person was alerted by the referral centre, as this patient was "about to breach". The consultants in the department were approached. The next clinic where the right people and tests would be available was in three weeks, and the consultant said he would see the patient as an extra. However, this was almost 2 weeks after the waiting time deadline. So the management person insisted that the patient be booked into the only clinic run by the department that had a space in it, within that week. This clinic was held at a distant site, far less convenient for the patient. It was held by a consultant who could not perform these tests, and had no kit available there so to do. It was made knowing that the patient would almost certainly need referring back into the original clinic, and was just wasting everybody's time. Most particularly the patient's. But it was within dealine, so that's fine. (I understand the consultant circumvented the system by ringing up the patient and saying that we had to offer this clinic appt, but if they chose to cancel, he would rebook them into the appropriate one. The manager did not approve)