Tuesday, 6 February 2007

Normal Service is Resumed

Sorry for the absence of postings, but I have been in Washington DC; I hope that some political skills have rubbed off.

While I was away I read a most amazing book "Plundering the Public Sector" by David Craig; it describes how the Labour government are squandering millions of pounds of public money on largely useless IT projects such as Connecting for Health.

I'll give you a little taster from the introduction:

The results so far have been disastrous - billions taken out of front-line services to be wasted on worthless consulting and failed IT systems. Already we have seen administrative chaos, massive increase in management costs... The government is paying around £30billion for a new NHS IT system that is already showing all the symptoms of becoming a catastrophic failure. This will cripple patient care for years to come.

Please read this book...but be warned, it will make you very angry

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