Monday, 10 September 2007

Dr Rant is upset

The BBC seem to have upset Dr Rant!

Apparently, Whatsisface, you know the new Secretary of State for Health was on Radio 4's 'Today' program this morning. He agreed with John Humphrey's contention that:"GPs have too much of a 9 to 5 mentality."Sorry Humph, but I missed your incisive questioning because I was at work before 8am. I'll also still be at work after Radio 4's other paroxysm of half-arsed, sanctimonious pomposity, 'PM' has finished, and I do this 5 times a week.Well, in Dr Rant's opinion, John Humphreys has got too much of a '6am to 9am every other day' mentality. It appears that he only works 9 hours a week, yet still earns more than what he considers to be an outrageous amount for a mere GP to earn.The lazy, workshy, money-grabbing, sheep-shagging twat!

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Anonymous said...

...and upsetting Dr Rant is not a wise career move!