Sunday, 9 September 2007

Is the worm turning?

Patients' needs have been ignored under Labour's reform of the NHS, the man who was tasked with protecting their rights believes.

Harry Cayton, until last month the NHS "patients' tsar".
Harry Cayton: 'We have taken a real step backwards'

GP care has taken a "step backwards", while endlessly reorganising the health service has been a "waste of time and money", according to Harry Cayton, until last month the NHS "patients' tsar".

He also accuses the British Medical Association of being against patient choice and says that GPs will change only if they are paid to.

Mr Cayton revealed that he resisted pressure from ministers to produce a report supporting plans to reorganise and close hospitals because he could find no evidence that the proposals were driven by the needs of the public.

He also said the job, which he held for five years, was hindered by a slew of policies that worsened the quality of care.

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See Liam Halligan in today's Sunday Telegraph