Tuesday, 4 September 2007

Public debate

I believe that politicians (and intending politicians) should be able and willing to answer challenging questions. But this is clearly not the prime Minister's view.

This conversation took place at today's Prime Ministerial press briefing:

David Grossman (Newsnight) : Prime Minister, on Breakfast News in 1987 you said that Margaret Thatcher should accept the then Leader of the Opposition's invitation to debate him live on television. You said it was only right for the British people to see the two protaginists debate each other. However, today you ruled out such a debate. What has changed in the intervening period?

Gordon Brown: Well, er, you know, er... blah....blah...not a presidential system....blah... play for time...plenty of opportunity to question me in the House of Commons...blah...not a presidential system....blah...ok?

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