Monday, 18 February 2008

Jack's Eye update

From Martin:

Very exciting day - GMTV interviewed Jack, then we had the Spotlight BBC Team and Westcountryt ITV News, both will be running big stories tonight.

I have checked and the latest info from the NICE website (link below) is that NICE state they don't consider this to be their remit "This is because intravitreal injection for age related macular degeneration is considered standard clinical practice with risks and benefits that are sufficiently well-known. "

If we then quote Patricia Hewitt I think the case is wrappoed up and there is noway out for Brown.

We have been covered on front page of Western Morning News, a whole page in Mail on Sunday and a large article in London Today and Express.

The local paper will be running the story tommorow.

We are having live interview on BBC Spotlight this evening (report tells me I will be against a very unimpressive spokeslady for the PCT).

I was not planning to even send the letters off until morning!

If you watch Sky channel 987 for SW local news this evening you will see the story.

I have promised Jack that I willpersonally make up the first treatment if he does not get it on the NHS and would be very grateful if every one does send teir cheques in.

Well done all.

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