Wednesday, 13 February 2008

Jack's Eye

This is a posting from Dr Martin Rankin,a GP in Devon; he is trying to get some media coverage for the story, so do pass it on to any journalists who might be interested:

Below is an open letter that I propose to put in the public domain

Dear Mr Brown,

We need your help to save the vision of an old man.The case of Mr Herbert "Jack" Tagg * a Pit Boy turned WW2 Sergeant Pilot typifies the incompetence of your labour government in managing the NHS."Jack" has developed Wet Macular Degeneration - a condition which will mean he will almost certainly become blind within a couple of years. The good news is that there is a treatment for this. The bad news is that he has to go blind in one eye before the NHS will pay for treatment in the remaining eye. "Jack" is not a wealthy man but his wife has, without any hesitation, decided that they must sell their house to pay for the treatment. You have never met Jack or his lovely wife but I can tell you they are a wonderful couple. He risked his life for us, you are in charge of the NHS, we believe that our patients would prefer you to spend a few thousand pounds on Jack in his hour of need than bailing out an incompetent bank. The doctors who have added their names to this list will all post on a cheque for £5 payable to Mr Gordon Brown. Of course we don't expect you to get Jack his treatment on the NHS - we already know you are not up to the job of running the NHS, we simply would simply ask you to cash our cheques and then forward on the lump sum to Mr Tagg.
Yours sincerely

The Doctors of Great Britain.

*I have Jack's consent to use his name. Please sign your name below and send your cheque for £5 to Mr Gordon Brown (his address is 10 Downing Street, LONDON).
Let's see Brown spin this.

Please send the cheque payable to Mr Gordon Brown to me at Plym River Practice, Plympton, Devon PL7 1AD. I will get a photo and supply it with a photo of myself and Jack and the bundle of cheques next to a post box.


Anonymous said...

I understand that Jack had his treatment (denied by the NHS) privately yesterday. Donations are rolling in and the story will be hitting the main-stream media

Peter Garwood said...

I am Hon Sec of The Barrage Balloon Reunion Club. To donate money to help save Mr Tagg's sight and embarass Mr Brown go to: