Wednesday, 27 June 2007

Burying bad news

The news was rather busy today; to be fair, a new Prime Minister is a rare enough event. So it's a good day to get a story out which no one will notice.

Except the Save Bedford Hospital party has eyes and ears everywhere. Today was the day that the Chief Executive of the NHS released his annual report, and a day that was guaranteed to ensure that it was totally ignored by the media.

Perhaps it's time for the DoH to spend less time on spin and more on substance.


Henry North London said...

Oh dear Do you think Shiny Tony knew this in advance and left on the self same day?

I think its most possible

Brown is no better.....

barry monk said...

I have just tried to read the report in its On-line version (, and no wonder they buried it. It is really, truely, absolutely incomprehensible. It is a word salad which could only have been composed by a group of people taking random words out a management consultant's training manual.

Oh, and it's been paid for with your money; money that could have been spent on patient care.