Tuesday, 26 June 2007

Save Bedford Hospital

I have just finished chairing an excellent meeting of the campaign committee of the Save Bedford Hospital party. I can reassure our supporters (and warn our opponents) that we are well organized and in fine spirits.

The NHS needs local hospitals, and those hospitals must be suited to local needs; they need the full range of acute surgical and medical services that are required for the local population, and they must be freed from the overbearing political interference to which they have been subjected in recent years.

I look forward to making a number of important announcements in the next few weeks and months; in particular I look forward to announcing details of our party conference. Keep checking this site for details.

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Julie McAnulty said...

hi Barry,

How's things? The elections are over up here; I didn't win the seat, but our MSP's majority got halved and our hospital's A&E has been reprieved. How do you feel about Gordon Brown possibly going to the country in a year's time? I don't think he'll do it; Labour got thrashed up here and Gordon Brown has an A&E closure in his own backyard in Dunfermline, but we'll see. Anyway, hope all's well,