Wednesday, 13 June 2007

Into cyberspace

I have just received this letter from a local GP:

"This gentleman has been referred under Choose and Book and has already made an appointment to see you.

I typed the referral letter today, but just as I clicked to send the letter across, the computer system crashed. The system has now "frozen" the letter somewhere in the middle of nowhere - according to messages which have come up on the screen - and is refusing to do anything with it! As the patient has already made his appointment, I am attaching a copy of the referral - it would be much appreciated if, on this occasion, you could accept this in the good old-fashioned (paper) way."

So there you are: Choose and Book is expensive, reduces choice, and wastes everyone's time, and all at the touch of a button. Perhaps it's about time that we launch it (and all the computer wizards who sold it to the DoH) into cyberspace.

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