Thursday, 21 June 2007

The power of prayer

Next week Gordon Brown takes over as Prime Minister, and many of us will be fascinated to see who takes over from Patsy Hewitt at health. He has already said that it will be his number one domestic priority, which is hardly surprising given the mess that Patsy, Reid and Milburn have created in the last five years.

Brown is obviously not terribly impressed by the talent he has available in his own party, as judged by the stories of his offering a number of posts to prominent Lib-Dem peers (such as Paddy Ashdown and Lord Carlile); according to press reports he was also keen to offer the health portfolio to the Lib-Dem peeress Rabbi Julia Neuberger. She is already the Lib-Dem health spoke(wo)man in the Lords, has been the Chairman of an NHS Trust and ran the King's Fund, so she clearly knows something about the subject.

I suspect that Gordon also saw another virtue, namely that as a rabbi she clearly understands the power of prayer, and given the present state of the NHS, that may be a commodity we will all be needing.

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