Friday, 15 June 2007

Hazardous bubbles

A clown has had to stop blowing bubbles for children to chase after being warned it could be a safety hazard.

Barney Baloney the clown
Barney Baloney: no more bubbles

Tony Turner, also known as Barney Baloney, will now stick to clowning and juggling after being refused insurance by several companies which feared youngsters might slip on the bubbles' residue.

Mr Turner, 47, who is married with three children, said yesterday: "The fun is being taken out of children's lives by bureaucracy.

"This whole health and safety business has gone too far. Kids eat jelly and ice cream and that gets on the floor and is slippy. Does anyone want to stop them eating that?"

Equity, the actors' union, has now agreed to insure the Sheffield clown's act but, after taking advice, he will no longer be blowing bubbles.

This is the sort of madness which we have to put up with in Britain after ten years of Nu Labour; wonderful.

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